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The Wholly Bibble ( Part 2): Badjew Buddha (Volume 2)

The Wholly Bibble ( Part 2): Badjew Buddha (Volume 2)

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Author: Fisher, David Dayan

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 320

Release Date: 26-11-2015

Details: A pocket sized conscious view of dogma & humanity. Religious egos might find some possibility of blasphemy included within these scribbled scriptures, and the insecure will have their tiny little big buttons pushed. Sheep will be sheered naked to their truth. Quotes, quips and poems to inspire, enlighten and tickle.A humorous, politically incorrect, conscious yet silly,slightly obnoxious but profound look at the world through a poetic jaunt in typed words directly translated from source. Ego smashing, dogma bashing, status Quo demolishing, anti establishment verse to ponder and maybe even anger at. Beware! You might awaken!

EAN: 9781518813948

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 5.0 x 0.8 inches

Languages: english

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