David Dayan Fisher

I create from my heart and soul, like a child. There are no expectations, no need for results, and no need for perfection. This is the essence of life. To be absolutely and totally at play in the passion and being of creation, free and in wonder at the very wonder of it all. When I was a child my mother asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. “Play!” I said. She said I couldn’t do that...

My greatest lessons in life are the same for us all. Each of us, to a certain degree, is trying to get back to the unconditional, authentic self of that of our childhood. (Only the children will enter the kingdom.) The child is free of seeking anything, and is busy in the being of what ever it does, and what ever it imagines. The child is mostly in awe, in love, and in joy. For me, to learn to open to love more and more is my only purpose. If I paint it, write about it, get poetic about it, or just plain talk about it, I’m living on purpose.  In the greater understanding of the greater understanding of love, it is the only true path of how to live a life...


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I used to play as an actor in Hollywood, but I walked away from that circus, and took off my clown face and costume. I studied spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, California, and spend my time dedicated to doing the conscious inner work. Call it whatever you wish, it is a way of interpreting and translating life to be able to live with more inner peace and more love.

I have written numerous books, five movie scripts, a ton load of poems and quotes, and have much more creativity to attend to. I dedicate my life to love, to its giving, to its understanding, and to all I can do to serve and assist in its name...


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Any of the paintings can be recreated as a custom commissioned, original canvas. 

12"x12" - 24"x24" - 36"x36"

Contact me for more details.

Sending you all love.

David Dayan Fisher